You can choose from a wide range of accessories for operation, mounting and protection of sensors. The range comprises functional accessories and actuators, accessories for simple and safe mounting as well as safety accessories for protection against mechanical load.

Produkt #00091823


Short description Graphic Description
Actuation Kit
Type: BTS-DSC26-EB20
Ident. no.: 100002102
  • Actuation kit (puck)
  • End position damped
  • Displays rotatable by 90 °
  • Hole pattern on flange surface 80 x 30 mm; connection shaft (shaft peg) height 30 mm/ Ø max. 38 mm
  • With accessory BTS-DSC26-UR10: connection shaft (shaft extension) height of 20 mm possible

Mounting accessories
Flow Meter
Type: FTCI-G1/2A4-D18/L068
Ident. no.: 6870150
  • Adapter for flow meters
  • Mechanical adaptation on G1/2 threads
  • Stainless steel A4 1.4571 / AISI 316 Ti)
Mounting accessories
Flow Meter
Type: FTCI-G1/4A4-D10/L050
Ident. no.: 6870151
  • Adapter for flow meters
  • Mechanical adaptation on G1/4 threads
  • Stainless steel A4 1.4571 / AISI 316 Ti)
Mounting accessories
Flow Meter
Ident. no.: 6870040
  • Aluminium mounting panel
  • For simple front mounting
  • For FTCI flow meters
Dairy Screw Connection Process Adapters
For Limit Level Sensors from the NCLS Product Series
Type: NCLS-DF50
Ident. no.: 100004435
  • Screw-in adapter for pipes
  • Dairy screw connection G1/2”, DN50
  • Suitable for limit level sensors of the NCLS series
  • The dairy pipe process adapters are particularly suitable for use in hygienic environments such as the pharmaceutical or food industry (especially dairies).
Type: BTS-DSC26-UR10
Ident. no.: 100002103
  • For actuation kit (puck) BTS-DSC26-EB20
  • With this accessory, the puck can be mounted on a connection shaft (shaft extension) with a height of 20 mm

Pulse/pause counter
Type: SPC1-AP6X
Ident. no.: A0620
  • multifunctional adapter for connection to standard sensors
  • Degree of protection IP67
  • 4-pin M12 x 1, female connector
  • 4-pin M12 x 1, male connector
  • 4-wire, 10…30 VDC
  • Amplification of switching capacity
  • max. output current 400 mA
Mounting Accessories
mounting bracket
Ident. no.: 3077161
  • Panel for DIN rail mounting
  • Suited for use with CP80, DX80, K80, Q80
  • Operating temperature: -20 … +90 °C
Plastic Fiber
single conductor
Ident. no.: 3093161
  • Optical fiber, total length: ± 914 mm
  • Operation: opposed mode
  • 2 pcs. included in delivery
  • Polyethylene sheath, flexible
  • Operating temperature: -30…+70 °C
  • Cable, straight, customizable
  • End sleeve for probe, angled (90°), threaded
  • Strain relief
  • Optical fiber, core diameter 1.0 mm
captive safety clip
Type: SC-M12/3GD
Ident. no.: 6900390
  • Captive safety clip for sensors with M12 x 1 connectors and approval according to ATEX II 3 G or II 3 D
  • For zone 2 (gas) or zone 22 (dust)
  • For coupling nuts with a width of up to 11 mm
  • Safety label with imprint "nicht unter Spannung trennen / do not separate when energized“
  • Securely attached to cable