Product FCS-G1/2A4-NAEX0/L065/D024


Flow monitoring
Immersion sensor without integrated processor

Order number: 6870339

  • Ex sensor for liquid media
  • Calorimetric functionality
  • Adjustment via Ex signal processor
  • Status indicated via LED chain on signal processor
  • Sensor length 65 mm
  • Acceptance test certificate 3.1 (EN 10204)
  • Cable device
  • 4-wire connection to an Ex0 processor
EAN 4047101173031
eCl@ss-Code (V5.1.4): 27273190 -/- Flow meter (not classified)
Customs tariff number 90261021
Country of origin DE
Weight 322 g
Application Flow monitoring
Sensor type Remote sensor (excl. evaluation electronics)
Mounting conditions Immersion sensor
Medium liquids
Process connection G ½”
Electrical connection PUR cable, blue
Sensor material Stainless steel
Housing material Stainless steel
Application area Explosion hazard (zone 0)
Operating principle Calorimetric
Add-on monitoring Abhängig von Auswerteelektronik
Approvals ATEX || 1 GATEX || 2 GATEX || 1 D

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